Learn to Code by Making Things

The best way to learn is by doing. In this course, you'll quickly learn to code by making ten small applications.

How you'll learn

  • Learn the tried-and-tested way

    The best developers learnt by making lots of little things and picking up the theory as they went. This is exactly how you'll learn.

  • Think for yourself

    We'll teach you how to get to the bottom of the issues, as and when you encounter them, and how to use Google to find solutions for yourself.

  • Never get stuck

    We'll provide lots of hints. If you get stuck, we're just an email away so there's no need to give up when things get tricky.

Course at a glance

  • What you'll build

    You'll learn how to use the Ruby language to create your own web apps, dashboards and databases.

    You'll build these by leveraging real-world resources such as code libraries, developer forums & APIs.

  • More than code

    Software development isn't only about writing code.

    This course will teach you essential skills such as how to use Git, for version control, and how to deploy your applications to the cloud.

  • Additional resources

    You'll get an online development environment, so you won't have to set up your computer for development.

    You can also talk about the lessons with other students in our online chatroom.

  • Structure

    The course will take 10 weeks, if you go at a pace of 1 lesson a week. But you're welcome to move at faster or slower speed.

    The lessons are text-format, combining a balance of challenges with instruction.

The Team

  • Ben

    Rails Developer, author of 'Reliably Deploying Rails Applications'. Avid indoor climber. Believer in "Small Steps Taken Quickly"

  • Huw

    Software product manager with experience working in startups and larger companies, such as Vodafone Group. Also a keen indoor climber.

  • Rebecca

    Communications strategist, usually found engrossed in spreadsheets, exploring new cities or hanging off climbing walls.

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